3DP-110F (Single)



First Domestically Designed Replaceable Extruder
The extruder is an important critical component of the FFF-type printer, as it fuses and fabricates the filament.
Cubicon Single is the first product in Korea to design and mount its own replaceable extruder. With our extruder, we help you create optimized printing environments. Just exchange the extruder when using various types of filaments. When the nozzle gets blocked, you only need to remove the part that’s giving you trouble. We have done all we can to make your printing experience as easy and pleasant as possible.


First in Korea to Mount a Convection Feature

Since FFF printers melt material for printing, the quality of the final product is affected by the surrounding environment. Therefore the temperature circulation features of our printers have an impact on the printing quality.

Cubicon Single has implemented a convection feature that maintains the temperature inside the printer at a constant rate. Consequently, this feature prevents the product from warping.
To ensure user safety, the convection feature can also quickly lower the internal printer temperature to the outside temperature after printing has been completed.


First in the World to Apply bed with Auto Leveling Plus Function
The leveling of the heat bed?the platform for printing models?and its distance from the nozzle are significant factors that determine the printing quality. Until now, most FFF-type printers have resorted to a manual adjustment of the bed level by the user because the Auto Leveling features employed so far by some printers were not completely automatic as they were not supported by software.

The Auto Leveling Plus feature that Cubicon Single has developed performs precision measurement of the heat bed level for all printing. Thus, the space between the nozzle and the heat bed is adjusted automatically and maintained at the most optimal distance.
Furthermore, we have applied special coating to the heat bed. You no longer have the trouble of applying kapton tape to the bed. Less trouble, Better quality!


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Ergonomic and Stylish Design + Easy-to-Use

Cubicon Single has implemented a familiar design for our printers that will fit right into your office space. The dial button in the control panel allows you to control our printers with ease.

Filament Malfunction Detection Feature
Ever run out of filament during model printing? Or filament stops printing unexpectedly? Don’t worry! Cubicon Single will automatically stop printing in such cases. It will ask you to check and troubleshoot filament issues and then continue on with the printing.

Use of All Types of Materials (Smart Included)
Conventional FFF-type printers use PLA exclusively. That’s because although ABS is better in terms of strength and post-processing, the printers cannot control the release of particles and model contraction when melting ABS. They are also not capable of managing the heat bed for using ABS.
By implementing the convection feature, clean filters, and the Auto Leveling Plus feature, Cubicon Single has allowed our users to not only use PLA but also ABS with no complications. Should you use our smart spool applied filament, you will further decrease the chances of warping because of the anti-loose feature.


Smart Spool filament has gone through extensive testing. It is a product that you can trust and use. Currently, we are offering Smart Spool for only ABS and PLA. But we are continually developing new filament colors and materials so that our users can be able to diversify their printing.

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